Our Opening Dinner-Party ist “schon vorbei” !

It was an incredible weekend indeed! Not only because of the lovely weather, but also because we had our first underground Dinner-Party at Como en Casa last Saturday!!!

Our day started early in the morning – or early enough for a weekend-day – buying fresh meat, veggies and fruits at the Wochenmarkt in der Au.  Back home the decoration activities started, whereas in the kitchen the food preparation began.  At 19 pm the autumn deco was set up, candles were lighted up and a delicious smell was coming from the kitchen… ready to receive our guests! After 15 minutes, all guests were at our living-room toasting and meeting each other.  Blablablas and Hahahas were heard during the whole evening; no doubt our guests were having fun while enjoying the food!

After dinner, they gave us their feedback…and thumps-up!  So, this is just the beginning…

We would love to host you at our next “Como en Casa” Dinner-Party! 

Mr. Fulano & Mrs. Fulanita


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