Second round of the underground

So…our day on Saturday began quite similar to the opening day, despite the fact that it was colder. But regardless of the weather, we went to the Bauernmarkt at Marienhilfsplatz. First we bought the most important ingredient of the night, lamb meat directly from the farmer in Passau. Our second stop was at the Obst und Gemüse Händler, who sells seasonal vegetables and fruits grown mostly in Bavaria. We picked up a nice selection of peppers for the entrance, rucola for the pesto, cherry tomatoes and Champignons for the veggie version of our Schiefer Turm for one of our guests and last but not least pears for the desert. Last stop, the Metzger to buy Weisswurst…not that we were serving Wurst, but just for the Fulanos’s power breakfast on Sunday.

After shopping, preparation and decorations started. By 7pm everything was ready and set up. With good background music, nice candel lights, we received our first guests. After a couple of minutes, all of them were gathered together in our living room. With the welcoming cocktail we started our second dinner Party (yay!). Again the nationalities of our guests were very broad: Bulgarian, Mexican, Argentinian, Indonesian, Turkish-german, American-german…You can’t get more international than that, can you?

They seemed to have a great time meeting each other, chatting about how they all ended up in Munich and other stuff, whilst savouring delicious food and Argentine wine. When dinner was over, Mr. Fulano & Mrs. Fulanita joined the table for some espressos, more wine and some beers.

All in all, it was indeed a good day! a delightful dinner and nice group of People! Thank you guys for a great night!

We are already looking forward to our Xmas Edition on the 7th of December, don’t miss out!

Mr. Fulano & Mrs. Fulanita

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