Preparing the Sunday Roast for Grandma Fulana

As tomorrow Mr Fulanos grandma is comming to visit Mrs and Mr Fulano in Munich a big Sunday roast has to be prepared. Checking the options on the Bauernmarkt in der Au, we decided to cook a feral pig roasted in wine, roasted brussel sprouds with honey and peanuts and some potato dumplings (Schupfnudeln).

Our dishes are just as good as their ingredients, that´s why we use fresh food of highest quality, including the stock we need for the roast. If you don´t want to buy the mass-produced ones from the supermarket, you can either get a stock from your butcher  or do it on your own. I prefer homemade – and you will taste the difference.

Following, I want to show you that it is really easy to cook homemade stock. You just need a big jar, some 1) meat with bones, for our stock: venison meat (ask your supplier to give you some meat for a stock and he might add it for free to your piece of roast 2) one onion 3) one carrot 4) a quarter of celery 5) herbs: parsley, rosemary, thyme, laurel, juniper berry, garlic, salt and black pepper, 6) tomato paste 7) red wine. It takes less than 5 minutes to prepare the ingredients you need to start and the rest is as easy as it began: Roast the meat in hot olive oil, add the vegetables, the tomato paste and brown everything. Deglaze it with more or less the half bottle of wine (drink the other half or keep it for the Sunday roast), add the herbs and hot water. Let it cook and reduce liquid for 1 to 1,5 hours.

Et voilá: We have the basis for a great luch and a happy grandma Fulana.

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