Third time’s a charm

No, that doesn’t mean that the other two attempts weren’t successful, we are not talking about superstition here… we are just saying that our third Dinner was just charming!

One of the things Mrs. Fulanita loves from “Como en Casa” is the food tasting. This time, we tried a completely new menu, with a Christmas -flavor touch. After a few tries we decided on a Maroni Suppe, a chestnut soup as a starter with a German light-bodied wine. For our main course was Xmas Ente, which a plate of duck breast with schupfnudeln, red wine  onions and apricot sauce accompanied by brussels sprouts and served with a Chilean wine “Concha y Toro” Carmenere, with smooth tannins and great body. Certainly, it was a dish full of flavor. Last but not least, the sweet course that concluded our Menu was Weihnachststörtchen, a chocolate-cinnamon muffin on passion-fruit sauce…. yumm!

So.. at 7 pm, Mr. Fulano & Mrs. Fulanita were ready to receive our six guests. We keep having very international groups, and we love it. This time: an Italian-Dutch girl, an Augsburger (Mr Fulano wants to highlight that our guest is fan of FC Augsburg 😉 ), an Argentinian and three Russian-girls. Faithful to his traditions, the Argentinian guy was the last to arrive, and then we were all ready to start our Christmas Dinner. It was a lovely evening indeed, we shared some good time and wines with our guests.

If you also want to enjoy a good  to be a guest on our table and get to know new people, reserve now your seat for the winter-dinner on January the 11th (there are four seats left!).

We hope to see you next time!

Mr. Fulano & Mrs. Fulanita


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