First Dinner of 2014!

First of all, we would like to take advantage of this post to wish you all “Como en Casa” followers a very happy new year!

So, after a wonderful Christmas break, we were ready for our first dinner-party of 2014.  This time we had four Germans (first time that “locals” were majority) and a Polish-French couple as guests. They all were quite enthusiastic about joining the social experience, but that’s of course not the whole package – the food and wine comes along with it! Despite the Christmas binge, our guests were also ready for a big dinner!

To welcome them we offered a “Grüße aus der Küche“: Blackberry cocktail and Bocconcini di Ricotta (ricotta-ham bites). It was a good start to get to know one another. Already sitting around the table, our guests enjoyed a Winter Chicken Salad consisted of mushrooms, figues, potatoes, baby leave salad, chicken in orange-vanilla sauce and roasted cashews on top. The wine served with this delicious starter was Beringer, a Californian chardonnay characterized by fruits of golden apples, pineapple and peach fruits enveloped with citrus and vanilla aromas. It was definitely a perfect match for a chicken salad dish.

Now let’s move on to the main course: Veal in Green. It was a herbs flavored roasted veal-chops with roasted honey-pumpkin on green sauce. The two kilo veal meat was cooked in a 160° oven for one hour and fifteen minutes. I have to say it just looked delicious while cutting it! The chosen wine was a Chilean carmenere from Errazuriz winery, an exotic and spicy, full bodied style with damson and blackberry fruit. Finally, the icing on the cake: a Tri-color Volcano with a basis of dark chocolate, poppy seeds- and white chocolate mouse, pomegranate mousse and a pomegranate home-made syrup on top. The dessert was accompanied by a Muscat de Rivesaltes Cazes, a sweet wine with exotic fruit aromas.

To sum up, it was a lovely evening and a very nice group of people enjoying a menu of delicious food and wines.

That was all for and we hope to see you at our next dinner-party!!!

(a hint: it will be a Latin theme one! don’t miss it out!)

Mr. Fulano & Mrs. Fulanita


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