Second round of the Weinmesse München

Once again Mr. Fulano and Mrs. Fulanita were picking up ideas yesterday for Como en Casa at the Weinmesse München. The exhibition took place this weekend 08.-09. in Zenith – Die Kulturhalle München. The normal entrance-fee was 10 euros. This year 195 exhibitors where presenting a wide variety of wines, seccos, delikatessen and spirituous beverages.

The Weinmesse München offers interesting seminars and direct contact to winemakers. As visitors we had the chance to try any kind of wine we wanted and to compare which one we like the most. Nevertheless, it did become quite difficult after the 10th wine-stand we visited. As wine-lovers the visit to the exhibition was worth missing a bit of sun.

We would like to share with you the website of the Weinmesse München, check out dates and don’t miss out the next  one, so here it is:

Last but not least, we did take serious our February-break, but now it is already March and we are back! One week to go for the Latin Dinner… so let’s get down to work… 


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