A Flavour Journey to Latin America

Latin American countries are very diverse and hold various cuisines that vary from nation to nation. We intended to choose a small sample of its vast offerings. At the beginning it was very difficult to come up with a three course menu that could show typical tastes from different countries and regions. Therefore, we made a little upgrade to our guests and decided to offer a four course menu. Our food was also accompanied with a photo exhibition. We wanted to show our guest the beauty of landscapes, people and food from Latin American countries. We asked three photographers from different background to show six photos each taken in American countries; these included Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Peru. The photographers were: our Iranian-german friend Omid Scheybani; Simon Buxton, English and Ludmila Moltini, Argentinean.

The backgrounds from our guests were also diverse: a Filipinian-German married couple, a French couple and a German couple. To welcome our guests, we offered a toast with Champagne and mini Empanadas. These are meat-stuffed baked pastry, typical Argentinean.

As starter, our guests enjoyed a delicious Ceviche Ecuatoriano Jipijapa style. It is a shrimp ceviche in mild tomato sauce, chili, crunchy peanuts and fried plantain. The wine chosen was an Alamos Chardonnay, from the Uco Valley in Argentina, which offers ripe tropical fruits aromas with citrus and floral notes, perfect to combine it with the freshness of our ceviche. The second first dish was also quite fresh; a Tortilla Mexicana de Pollo consisted of a corn tortilla with chicken, mango, chopped red-onions and avocado served with another Alamos’s wine. This time, a Torrontés which has a unique expression in Argentina and has often been called the country’s signature white varietal. Alamos Torrontés, from Cafayate region in Salta, is light and fresh, with lively notes of citrus, peach fruit, layers of jasmine blossom and fresh herbs.

As a main-dish we decided on a stronger meal: Feijão com arroz or simply Feijoada, a national dish of Brazil. It is a stew of black beans with smoked chorizo, cornet-beef and pork scallions served with rice. The taste is strong, moderately smoky and salty but not spicy, dominated by the flavors of black bean and meat stew. To accompany the Feijoada, we offered an exciting wine from Chile: Errazuriz Carmenère 2012. This is an exotic and spicy, full bodied wine with damson and blackberry fruit. Spicy notes linger on the palate, with hints of dark chocolate and coffee. In our opinion, a perfect match!

Desserts in Latin America are generally very sweet in taste, and that is the case of the “Flan de Dulce de Leche Argentino”, a homemade flan with dulce de leche and crema. Flan is a sweet egg custard-type dessert. It was cooked au-bain-marie, with sugar caramel and served with fresh cream on the side.

We hope our guests enjoyed this little Flavour Journey to Latin American! We really enjoyed making it and having you all as guests!!!

and a Big Thank You to the three Photographers for sharing the beautiful photos with our guests and us!

Mr. Fulano & Mrs. Fulanita


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