Sharing the Love!

Hello everyone! So this time is not to post about a Dinner-Party, but obviously is a food-related topic…

Today we have been contacted by a nice Italian woman, who happened to find our blog/facebook page and gave us a wonderful tip for those who love photography as much as they love food (like us)…

Viviana D’Angelo presents “Foodfotografie für Einsteiger“, a food photography course for beginners. It will be held on the 21st of June in Munich. Viviana is a Munich based food photographer, but born Italian. She specializes herself in photography, food-photography and cultural communication.

If you want to know more about this cool workshop, just have a look at the VIVIS DELIRIUMS blog and find out more about it. Just click on the picture bellow and you will be forwarded directly:


I hope you like this tip and take advantage of this opportunity to improve your photography skills!

Hope to see you in our next Dinner Party!!!!

Mr. Fulano & Mrs. Fulanita


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