Hei­mi­sche Lokal­runde

„Hei­mi­sche Lokal­runde: Vivi von „Vivis Deli­ri­ums“ geht essen — aber nicht in ein gewöhn­li­ches Restau­rant, son­dern zu einem soge­nann­ten Under­ground Din­ner. Hier beko­chen Hobby-Köche wild­fremde Gäste in ihren eige­nen vier Wän­den. Die Münch­ne­rin ist von dem Abend bei „Como en Casa“ begeis­tert.“ (Patrick Stäbler, Schmausepost.de from June 13- Blogschau: http://schmausepost.de/)
Translated freely for our English speaking followers: “Homemade dinner circle: Vivi from Vivis Deliriums goes out – but not in an ordinary restaurant, but to a so called underground dinner. Hobby-chefs host and cook for unknown guests in their own four walls. The Munich-based author is excited about the night at Como en Casa.”
In our post „mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto…“, we wrote about the wonderful blog Vivisdelirium (vivisdeliriums.wordpress.com) and her lovely post “Como en Casa: Essen daheim – uns so viel besser als zuhause”. Reading that Vivi did not only really enjoy to be our guest, but also she let her readers be part of her experience with such nice words, made us feel honored. And again, Vivi surprised us with great news: Her article about our Como en Casa and our Italian Dinner Party was part of the latest version of the newsletter Schmausepost from author and journalist Patrick Stäbler.
Schmausepost is a weekly food related press- and blog-compilation. The newsletter shows interesting articles, news, blogs, recipes and us J. Patrick Stäbler is also author of the book “Speisende soll man nicht aufhalten” and host of the related webpage Deutschland-isst (http://www.deutschland-isst.info/).
Last but not least, we are happy to do a Food-photography course in July with the talented Vivi. We are so looking forward to it!!!
Don’t forget to reserve your seat at the next Como en Casa Dinner in July the 19th! We will be happy to see you around our table!

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