Foodphotography course with Vivi!

Last Saturday Mr. Fulano and Mrs. Fulanita had the pleasure to have our friend Vivi D’Angelo in Casa for a private Food Fotography Course “Foodfotografie für Einsteiger”. As much as we love fotography as bad was our knowledge about the techniques. Yes, we heard about terms like aperture, exposure, ISO or white balance before but we did not have a clue how to influence the focus depth, light color or the image composition of our photos.
It was really interesting, fun and informatory to be introduced to the basics of photography. Certainly just theory doesn’t make you a master, so Vivi asked us to practice what we learned. Ready for action Murphy´s Law stroke: Our camera just took black photos before it stopped working at all. Mr. Fulano, confident about his do-it-yourself-skills, decided to solve the problem and successfully convinced the camera with a spit of wood and a little screwdriver to work again. So the course could finally start. Vivi brought a big case full of interesting equipment, food and props to leave Mr. and Mrs. Fulano’s creativity free run. We were art director, model, assistant and last but not least photographer at almost the same time. We hope we can show with our future photos that it was definitely worth it to attend the course and recommend everybody interested in food and photography to watch out for future events on Vivis blog
There is already already a new date… don’t miss out!

Thank you Vivi D’Angelo for the magic!!!

Check out a few photos that we took while practising techniques:


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