A great summer Dinner

As if requested, summer brought Munich one of the hottest days of the year just the day we hosted our Como en Casa Summer Dinner Party. While all Munich was trying to find some cooling at the Isar or Eisbach, we were getting all ready for our guests. That means that after creating the menu and selecting the wine, on Friday everything was prepared what could be prepared or had to be prepared in advance; like the dessert which had to be stored cool for at least one night. On Saturday morning, before breakfast Mr. Fulano went to the farmers market on Mariahilfsplatz to get seasonal and local vegetables, fruits and meat. Mr. Fulano was so lucky to be accompanied by Mrs. Fulanita, who was looking for summer flowers for the beautiful decoration that she planned for the dinner table.

Once our guests arrived, we welcomed them with a cool and fruity Bellini: a glass of Prosecco with white-peach-puree. It was really nice to get to know our guests from Argentina, Germany and the United States and as always super interesting to learn about their different backgrounds. As they found a seat at our table, we started the dinner with a dish I´d like to call “Italy goes Asia” consisted of homemade capellettis filled with oven roasted and curry flavoured sweet potatoes in a coconut sauce with lemon, lemongrass, chili, ginger and Thai-basil. It was accompanied with a refreshing, citrus floured Alamos Torrontes, Argentinians signature white wine. After collecting cleaned out plates, we prepared and served the main course: Lamb chops, with a parsley-thyme crust with a tri-colored puree of parsley roots, potatoes and peas, served with a balsamic-red-wine-reduction, refined with four types of pepper. As we love South American wines, we obviously looked to the other end of the world for the main dish. This time the choice was a Carmenere-Cabernet Sauvignon red wine with a taste of red fruits and a bit of spice from the Chilean bodega Carmen. Our guest did bring good vibes, so they definitely deserved a great finish. This was a raspberry-poppy-seed-tart served with a Californian Beringer Zinfandel Rosé. The wine was the continuation of the dessert in a glass, with a taste of raspberry and a nice balance between sweetness and acidity. The hosts Mr. Fulano and Mrs. Fulanita want to close this post with a extract of one of their guests words: Five of five stars are not enough…


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  1. Paula says:

    WOW, looks so elegant and sounds so yummy! Wish I could have been there!

    1. Thank you Paula!!! Whenever you are in Munich, you are more than welcome =)

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