Guests Words

Read the genuine reviews from our guests regarding their experience at “Como en Casa München”

  • “It was a great experience!!! The food was absolutely delicious! I loved the green sauce for the main course. The wine selection was perfect. Also you did a great job on the timing. Enough time to get to know each other before having the food journey. DANKE!!!”
  • “Thank you for the lovely food and unique experience!!”
  • “Really nice evening, great atmosphere, beautiful table and most of all best cooking experience in Munich!! The veal was delicious!! Bravo!!”
  • “Awesome!!! Das war ein Traumabend. Super nett, gemütlich und vor allem lecker! Ihr seid mein neues lieblingsrestaurant :)” (Geertje)
  • “Great food, great people. I really have no recommendation what to do better”
  • “I loved the atmosphere and chance to meet new people (including the hosts!). Usually fruits in savory dishes are not my taste but I enjoyed trying new things” (Sara)
  • “Super Essen, Super Ambient, nur Ihr solttet öffter dabei sein!” (Georg)
  • “Exelente! Seria bueno que los que cocinan también esten en la cena comiendo.. ” (Matias)
  • “Very lovely atmosphere and a superb couple! All the very best to you! (Asya)
  • “It would be nice to have you guys around as well also during dinner! Thank you guys! It was an excellent evening, I loved every minute of it!!! Hope to stay in touch” (Valeria)
  • “War super! echt! Atmospher ist super! schönen Abend! Gute Musik! Gute Leute! 🙂 ” (Anastasia)
  • “Everything was perfect! I had high expectations, that’s the reason why the “first impression” was “just” as expected. Good Job!” (Jesica)
  • “I have not much to say than it was a great and unique experience. Delicious and just wishing “Como en Casa” a long life! Mucho exito y gracias.” (Enrique)
  • “My Fans: Schiefer Turm (veggie version) + Alamos wine. Gracias 🙂 “
  • “I don’t know if it is an underground thing, but I wouldn’t mind  if you (hosts) had joined us for dinner” (Nora)
  • “You could experiment with Theme (Argentinian dinner, etc) Otherwise thank you! It was buenissimo!”
  • “Honestly, I never liked shrimps before, this is the first time in my life when I actually enjoyed shrimp. Thanks for that! 🙂 I really loved the Experience! Thank you guys.”  (Marcel)
  • “It was really nice! Thanks for inviting us. I’ll definitely recommend it to friends/others. The size of the portions/courses was perfect for me. It allows to try everything and still not be too full. Also, the attention to detail for food & deco was lovely. Very impressive!” (Lena)
  • “Thank you very much! Awesome experience, great food and service!” (Markus)
  • “It was a really good experience. New people, nice food. Nice environment, with the music and candles. I think 6 people are the right size for a nice conversation on a table. The idea of be in a house is very comfortable. Easy going!” (Inmaculada)
  • “Someone I don’t like does not deserve such a good food! Superb presentation, taste & service!” (Tanguy)
  • “The food was amazing, I really enjoyed the experience – Thank you. I would have loved to have the hosts spend more time with us.” (Fleur)

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